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Roland roamed around looking for flowers to pick for Regina. He asked Henry to help him arrange them beautifully. Later, Robin said that Regina wanted to take turns to find gifts for everyone to open because she always wants to give something nice for friends. Regina smiled because everyone was happy with the gifts they got. Snow and David thought that Neal went outside to play with Gideon. Then Regina searched for Robin who was walking through the forest with Roland. Belle saw Gideon crying and asked what happened. He said that sometimes he saw ghosts of other children. Regina then created a spell that sent the ghosts away. Regina told everyone that she went to the mansion and found out that Henry saw Snow and Charming doing something weird outside the diner. Rumple cast a curse that changed stories into real happenings everywhere. Then giant woke up and saw that he was smaller than before. So he decided to cry about it. Then Snow said something to David and he laueghed because it sounded funny and silly, so he did something to stop her. Regina called Emma about something shocking that the dwarves saw and decided to act on it by accident which went on forever. Later she went to Gold's house to tell him to help the Dwarves do their work. Robin had something to say about the noise and smoke. So Regina did make a spell to clarify a problem with the others. Emma noticed that some people Were gathering around the townclock to see Regina wonder with the magical drink that made her so powerful and strong. Suddenly the others all
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