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The Best thing about Sebastian is his perfect personality and how he likes to watch horror remakes of old movies that he loved so much as a kid. Fans like to see him enjoying himself at karaoke party when he sings romantic songs and dances well. Later Sebastian went to the spa to relax and enjoy himself some treatments like a massage and neck rub. He is one of the most relaxed people that is a good to see the man be so nice to everyone who works for the production company. Everyone was eager to see what he would do for Halloween. Sebastian went to the farm to get pumpkins for everyone. People like to see how he was really going to wear the night of Halloween. We were waiting for the press to report what Sebastian is doing next summer when directors were filming the most exciting and heartwarming tale about a prince who was allowed to go on to the set of the movie about falling in love with the girl next door who is the only one for him. Halloween is fun to dress up when there's lots of candy to get from
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