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  1. The Defenders {News & Media} #2
  2. Daredevil & Elektra {Charlie & Elodie} #3: "He is the one she loved."
  3. Luke Cage | Mike Colter #3: "Who hears Neon?"
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  5. Jessica Jones | Krysten Ritter #4: Ever since you burst into my office, my life has become one big Kung-Fu party.
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  7. Misty Knight | Simone Missick #1 - even with one arm she fights back hard
  8. Please Welcome Your Temporary Moderator!
  9. Malcolm Ducasse {Eka Darville} #1: "That's why it wasn't crunchy!"
  10. Trish Walker {Rachael Taylor} #1: "No one touches me anymore unless I want them to."
  11. Jess & Trish {Krysten & Rachael} #1: "We have so much fun, (Rachael)'s like my real life best friend and sister."
  12. Besides The Defenders, what TV show or movie are you watching? #4
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  14. Luke Cage 2x12 "Can't Front On Me" Episode Discussion
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  17. Luke Cage 2x09 "For Pete's Sake" Episode Discussion
  18. Luke Cage 2x08 "If It Ain't Rough, It Ain't Right" Episode Discussion
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  20. Luke Cage 2x06 "The Basement" Episode Discussion
  21. Luke Cage 2x05 "All Souled Out" Episode Discussion
  22. Luke Cage 2x04 "I Get Physical" Episode Discussion
  23. Luke Cage 2x03 "Wig Out" Episode Discussion
  24. Luke Cage 2x02 "Straighten It Out" Episode Discussion
  25. Luke Cage 2x01 "Soul Brother #1" Episode Discussion
  26. Daredevil & Jessica Jones {Charlie|Krysten} #2: "You look like an idiot." "It's your scarf."
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  31. Luke Cage | Mike Colter #2: "I liked it better on my side of the fight and not the side of my face."
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  38. Jessica and Malcolm (Krysten & Eka) #1 - because he is going to perk her up one red bull at a time
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