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  1. Standard Avatars
  2. Taeyeon {Girls' Generation} #2 ~ "But strong girl, you know you were born to fly."
  3. Post Count #3: You could say we're passionate!
  4. IU #1: "Rather than pictures I like filled palettes, diaries, times I was asleep"
  5. IZ*ONE #1 ~ Their journey as a group has just begun!
  6. Girls' Generation #2 ~ Didn’t you know your heart wants me? Hurry to me quickly, lalalalala.
  7. Twice #2 ~ Like a bulldozer, like a tank, like a soldier - I’m gonna break down the guard around your heart
  8. October 2018 Comebacks
  9. Day6 #1 ~ "When things are hard, you can lean on me and rest. I wanna be on your side all your life and understand you."
  10. Oh My Girl #1 ~ "My secret garden. I am still in a long dream."
  11. K-Pop Last Letter Game #2 ~ Oh My Girl, Lovelyz, Zico
  12. Weki Meki #1 ~ A person like me, I live like a metronome.
  13. K-Pop ABC #2 ~ DDD, EXID, Full Moon
  14. Seventeen #1 ~ ”We are all running toward our dreams.”
  15. Dance President {Chungha} #1 ~ “I usually dance to modern, hip-hop, and jazz music."
  16. K-Pop Word Association #2 ~ Choreography - Dance - Practice
  17. K-Pop Anti-ABC #2: Dumb, Evil, Flop
  18. Lovelyz #1 ~ Ah-Choo! I feel like sneezing when I see you!
  19. Cosmic Girls {WJSN} #1 ~ Dreams Come True. Chase Your Dreams.
  20. Blackpink #2: They'll hit you with that ddu-du ddu-du!
  21. EXID {EXceed In Dreaming} #1 ~ "Everyone told me it was me who was crazy."
  22. Practice Room (Off Topic) #2 ~ We have other things to talk about besides K-Pop!
  23. Please Welcome your new Moderators
  24. 2NE1 #2 ~ "Can't nobody can't nobody hold us down, We gon' keep it goin' 'bout to run this town"
  25. Red Velvet #2 ~ Grab your bananas and blue lemonade to power up for some summer magic!
  26. September 2018 Comebacks
  27. AKMU {Akdong Musician} #1 ~ When I was young, I dreamed about a dinosaur.
  28. K-Pop 10,000 Posts Celebration!! The first of many!!
  29. LOOΠΔ #1 ~ going into orbit 🌙
  30. Post Count #2: One month old and already working on our first celebration!
  31. K-pop - Moderator Opening Announcement
  32. 10k Celebration Preparation Thread!!
  33. Taemin's Squad #1 ~ Taemin has designed matching parkas for his squad!
  34. Sunshine Dancer (J-Hope|Hoseok) #1: "Hi, I'm your hope. You're my hope. I'm J-Hope!"
  35. Idol Interactions #1 ~ It's always nice seeing idols interacting with other idols from other companies!
  36. August 2018 Comebacks
  37. Daegu Boys (V & Suga) #1: "If we are likely to have a fight we will hold hands."
  38. CLC {CrystaL Clear} #1 ~ "So tell me now, what are you attracted to?"
  39. miss A #1 ~ When I dance, I’m a Bad Girl. When I love, I’m a Good Girl.
  40. Wonder Girls #1 ~ "This song is for all the girls around the world. Girls, I know what you got deep inside. And I want to say something."
  41. TaeTiSeo {Girls' Generation-TTS} #1 ~ Sit back and buckle up, 'cause you’ll be racing with the stars tonight.
  42. f(Amber + Luna) #1: "Unnies, you're so handsome." "Handsome!" :D
  43. What are you watching aside from K-Pop? #1
  44. Puppy vs Penguin {Chanyeol|D.O.} #1: No one enjoys the pain more than Chanyeol does!!
  45. Music Shows/Live Performances #1 ~ Every week there are new performances to watch!
  46. God of Destruction (RM/Namjoon) #1: "We often forget to look at the sky. I heard that you get much happier if you look at the sky."
  47. Naver {News} #1 ~ Because we get some much news each day and it never stops!
  48. Ice Princess {Jessica Jung} #1 ~ "You look like a shooting star. Day dream. Cotton candy. You’re my fantasy."
  49. Gucci Queen [Jessi] #1: "I won't let you down." - Down
  50. Japanese Prince [Nakamoto Yuta] #1: Best known for his healing smile & his ability to roast his band mates every chance he gets.