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destroyer of worlds 07-12-2018 08:12 AM

Indra [Adina Porter] #1 | "A warrior does not mourn the ones she's lost until after the battle is won."

Indra kom Trikru

Supporter List

001. destroyer of worlds
002. Alexa
003. BlueDog9
004. sonny1
005. April7739
006. stlavin95

OP to come!

BlueDog9 07-12-2018 08:17 AM


destroyer of worlds 07-12-2018 08:28 AM

I'm going to look for some nice GIFsets to add in the OP. :)

BlueDog9 07-12-2018 09:06 AM

I hope you can find some!

Alexa 07-12-2018 09:07 AM

how does she not have a thread yet? add me, she is the best. Ive loved Indra since the beginning.

destroyer of worlds 07-12-2018 09:29 AM

Adding you, Alexa. :) Do you want to be added too, Kate?

BlueDog9 07-12-2018 09:43 AM

Yes please.


sonny1 07-12-2018 12:05 PM

Thanks for opening the Indra thread, Sarah :)

Can you please add me too? :flowers:

YAY for Adina's Emmy nomination! :yay:

April7739 07-12-2018 12:49 PM

Great way to start the thread for her, with an Emmy nomination.

Add me please. My opinions didn’t shift until this year, but they shifted drastically!

destroyer of worlds 07-12-2018 05:04 PM

Added you all! :)

And a huge congrats to Adina on her Emmy nomination!! That is awesome. :woot: :clap:

Damocles 07-12-2018 08:11 PM

So awesome, Adina is amazing


kiss the wind 07-12-2018 11:16 PM

Thanks for starting, Sarah! Add me, please.

Congrats to Adina on her nomination!

CanIcallYouKate 07-13-2018 01:47 AM

Sarah, thanks for opening this thread. :hug:
Please add me :yay:

I cannot believe we didn't have and Indra/ Adina thread until now :look: LOL

Emmy nomination? :eek: :yay:

BlueDog9 07-13-2018 06:17 AM

destroyer of worlds 07-14-2018 12:40 AM

Yay, adding you all now. :D I'll add you too, Lisa? :)

Thanks for posting those, Kate. :) More congrats from the cast:

And a cute one from LegoThe100 :lol: :

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